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How difficult is it to remove the filthy smoke smell?

Like losing weight, there is no cheap and easy way to eliminate the filthy stench of cigarette odors. The tar from the cigarettes has gone everywhere and saturated and infused your walls, floors, ceilings, cabinets, closets, carpets, light fixtures, attics, heating and air conditioning system and vents, and even the insides of your ceiling fans and the backs of your appliances. Some people try the more expensive and arduous process of painting with primer and paints, but the smell remains because the tar is still in the vents, cabinets, closets and so forth. Unstink goes where the smoke has gone and that’s why we are so effective.

What’s so hard about that?

I said this process isn’t pain free and it isn’t. Obviously, the longer the house has been smoked in, the more tar. And, the more tar, the more Unstink product we have to use to neutralize it. The product leaves a sticky residue after application that needs to be cleaned up with soap and water, so all of the hard surfaces have to be wiped down after treatment.

What about the carpet?

The carpet will also be sticky or tacky. We recommend steam cleaning the carpet, not shampooing.

What about the drapes and furniture?

If you have fabric drapes, curtains or shades, they must be removed beforehand and separately dry-cleaned. And the furniture must be removed as well. Unstink only treats vacant spaces.

What do I have to do before treatment?

1. Empty your closets and cabinets and remove all fabric drapes and curtains, leaving the house vacant.

2. Lightly vacuum the carpet and lightly clean countertops and floors.

3. If you intend to replace the carpet, have it removed so that we can better treat the concrete slab and/or subfloor.

What do I have to do after treatment?

You’ll need to have your cleaning service wipe down all hard surfaces with hot soapy water – sometimes more than once depending on how smokey the property was in the first place. Then, steam clean your carpet.

What about pet odors?

In almost every case, pet odors which result from pet urine, cannot be eliminated without eliminating the carpet and padding. Either dry-cleaning or shampooing a carpet merely reactivates the urine crystals under the padding, in the padding and in the carpet itself resulting in an even intense pet odor smell. Animals often urinate against walls and baseboards and they need to be treated as well. We recommend dealing with the pet odors first.

Does Unstink eliminate pet odors as well?

Yes, but only if the carpet and pad is removed from each room to be treated. We do not provide the carpet and pad removal service. In some instances, owners who plan to replace the carpet in any event, remove the carpet and pad and place it in the garage pending treatment and carpet replacement.

What information does Unstink need in order to provide me with a quote for smoke odor removal?

1. Is there an attic, basement or both and if so how much of the dwelling does it cover?

2. What is the square footage of the home, apartment, or office?

3. Do you have an attached or detached garage you need Unstink to treat?

4. How many people have been smoking in the property and for how long?

5. What is the status of the property? Listed or going to be listed for sale, just bought, etc?

6. How would you rate the intensity of the smell on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the least intense?

What information does Unstink need in order to provide me with a quote for pet odor removal?

1. What rooms do you want treated and their approximate size?

2. What is the source of the odor? Cats, dogs or both? The number?

3. What is the floor covering in the rooms you want treated? Bare, wood, vinyl, tile, etc?

4. How would you rate  the intensity of the smell on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the least intense?

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